They say that yesterday is past and the future is unknown

Better focus on the present live the day as if it is your last

I say it’s easier said than done we must simply realize

That no man can truly escape or outrun his old life before


In my younger years I don’t used to worry

I go on with my life just one day at a time

Whatever might tomorrow brings I accept it with glee

Bad luck and misfortunes I meet all with a smile


Now I’m old and grey, knowledgeable and learned

I leave worrying to God, To God I leave all my worry

In his capable hands I’m placing all my trust

My hopes and my dreams my fear and my concern

For only the Lord knows what truly best for me

I trust He will guide me towards the proper path…


(I opted for ABBA, BCBC, CDE, CDE pattern with an attempt on Chiasmus following the 14 lines Problem versus Solution rules initiating Volta in the ninth lines )


images: chizue

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