My Lovely

Peering into the looking glass searching for you my lovely

Oh, where have you gone my sweet?  Are you hiding from me?

I long to see you again, come back, stay! Be with me till my dying day!

Remember the times when we were fearless and merry

Together we dazzled, we captured, we conquered!

Now, you’re gone, they stole you from me.


You time, you’re the culprit you’re the thief!

How dare you take my lovely away from me!

Bring her back! Bring her back I need her by my side!

Like the flowers need the sun, the rain, the wind!

I’m lost without her, without her fragile beauty, I’m lost!

See this old woman shriveling? Time I beg you, take pity.


How I wish to be with you my lovely, how I wish

To be smooth and crinkled free this old hag face

To be daring and full of life like the olden days

To dance in the rain, to smile at the sun to sing and sing and sing…

But the twilight has come it’s just around the corner

Time to say goodbye to you my lovely, my sweet I know

My heart’s desire cannot be fulfilled I can’t be young again…


Time, you’re cruel and unkind…

Farewell my lovely…

 (An ode to youth)


17 thoughts on “My Lovely”

  1. I’m happy that I get to grow older, but looking older, not so much. I wish we could be beautiful and wisely aged at the same time, but then again, why can’t we?

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    1. Aging gracefully… I think we indeed could but I bet those who are will tell us they are not happy getting old either. No wonder beauty industry is thriving than ever before. Everybody wants to stay young (looking)


  2. We place far too much emphasis on the outside. On the inside, we are really no different, just more experienced and hopefully better equipped to deal with life, but ultimately just as young as we were in our souls. Your words are touching, slightly painful, but will talk to many.


      1. We always wish for what we can’t have don’t we! I guess the trick for all is being content with what we do have. That’s my challenge!


      2. True. Though easier said than done there is no harm in trying. I’m with you all the way with this one. a long time ago I said to you that I am not aspiring for happiness but contentment.

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      3. I do recall that. And thank you for reminding me. I guess I generally use ‘happy’ loosely in the same way as ‘content’ but the distinction is correct and worth making as they do not mean the same, particularly in this context. 🙂


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