We will see each other again; I don’t know where I don’t know when

There are so many questions I wanted to ask

But you are no longer here

We never said goodbye but I still remember your face

The lies you’ve told me are arrows that pierced my chest

Why you never show care? I often ask myself

Why can’t you love me like the rest?

The pain of what you’ve done still lingers

Engraved in my memory forever

I have given up the day I sent you away

You cannot hurt me no more, mother.


21 thoughts on “Mother”

  1. This makes me so sad. I don’t know what to say other than it must be horrible. I’m sorry this has happened to you – you don’t deserve it. I wish you the very best of everything wonderful in your future.

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    1. It is just one of those hard facts of life that has no decent explanation. How I wish it didn’t happen but who’s to blame? I am still trying to give it a place so I can move on. Thanks for coming and sharing your thoughts.

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  2. OH MY my heart is in my chest. I go from reading a sad story to deciding to take a break and get on and read blogs and this is the first I read. You did a great job in writing, your emotion came through and I want to give you a Hug !

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    1. Sorry for making you sad. Some things are better left unsaid but I have chosen to let another skeleton out the closet. Who knows, one day I will exhaust their endless supply. One assignment at a time.

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