24 thoughts on “A visitor”

      1. I wish you the best of luck in your poetry class. I’m sure you will do well (as your poems have already proven). I am too swamped right now to continue. I will pick up the class sometime in the future. Best wishes!!


      2. Oh? What a pity! I too have difficulty combining real life with this course. In fact, my husband and I are losing sleep following this one because assignments show up around 2 am here; and if we wait till the next day, there is no way we can do it because between work and other things the only free time is the night. But I really want to learn these things so I gladly sacrifice two weeks of sleep. Best wishes to you too and say hello to your grandchildren for me.

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  1. stunning photography and i am super impressed you made a shape wow, i am totally intimidated by that, i think the writing is enough fo rme lol, coding and such like go over my head, bravo to you x


      1. fiddling with html for hours. Took three times longer than writing the actual poem itself. Then the only thing I can come up with is this simple design of a crescent moon which enabled me to keep the enjambment spirit of the poem. Tricky task this one.

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