22 thoughts on “Journey”

  1. The last line got me. But remember, even the most detailed labyrinth has an exit. It’s okay to stop and recollect, but when you move keep walking forward.

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      1. I am, I enjoyed yesterday though struggled with todays, I re-wrote it, so have two poems up, a re-write of the first to fit in with the supposed limerick syllable criteria, was harder to do hehe….you?


      2. Excited to see what’s around the corner of an unfamiliar terrain. Eager to explore the possibilities, learning along the way and keeping what’s necessary for my literary journey.


  2. I never expected to have so much fun following a course I so much dreaded in the beginning. I went from being anxious waiting for each task to being super excited. It’s like going for hiking, exploring a new territory I’ve never been before and can’t wait to see what’s behind every corner. I’m glad I signed up for this. I know the assignment will be tougher each time as we progress but there is no harm in trying. Happy rhyming everyone!


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