Taking the risk

On December 9th last year I made a gratitude post thanking all those wonderful people who have the courage to join me in my quest. Without them I will not be here. They are my inspiration.

Today, after five months and one week of blogging I was surprised to find out that I have accumulated 511 followers on WordPress, 4000 likes, 1700 comments, 4,500 visitors and 11,709 views plus numerous blogging awards. I was stunned. Especially when I am only following 21 blogs so far. I asked myself: is this really true? Are there really people out there who give some of their precious time to come and visit, read my ramblings and share their thoughts? I can hardly believe it! Me, a nobody, writing articles that I know are not everybody’s cup of tea, always straight from the heart and serving them to readers raw and pure without sugar-coating, without embellishments. I made a solemn promise to myself not to adorn the truth no matter what; that’s not me, that is not what my blog is all about. I cannot and will not edit my thoughts or my feelings, I took the risk and here is the result.

Looking at my statistics, I cannot help but feeling grateful and humbled because in this vast ocean of millions of creative talented people, it’s nice to be noticed…


13 thoughts on “Taking the risk”

  1. Just goes to show how much your words and thoughts are appreciated. That’s a great number of followers in such a short time frame. Congrats on that and on your time here.

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      1. Thanks you! I was lucky enough to be the subject of a photo shoot with an old friend last weekend and she was nice enough to send me some that I thought would look great on my blog.

        Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re writing is always beautiful and thought provoking.


  2. people love raw emotions, honest gut wrenching words, that is you. sometimes i admit, i find your posts too dark for me (i tend to gravitate towards sunny happy positive feelings) but then again, that is what makes you, YOU! i find you mysterious and fierce and thats what interests me. don’t mind me, or what other folks think about what you put in here (it is your blog first of all). you are perfectly imperfect and that is what being human is all about. congrats and keep on writing!


    1. First of all I would like to say I appreciate your honest opinion. I will always value and respect other people’s point of view and input and take them into consideration. One thing I cannot and will never do is let it influence my writings and who I am. I cannot let others thoughts sidetrack me from my goal which is blogging from the heart. This I know you understand. Thanks for being a part of this blog. Much appreciated.

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      1. After I hit that send button, I regretted part of what I said. Part of me instantly thought, uh-oh, someone is going to “unfriend” me. 🙂 But I kinda figured you were made of much stronger and tougher stuff than that. Everybody’s different, it is what makes this world much more interesting. Can you imagine if everyone wrote happy smiley blogs? Would probably be a little too bland eventually… But I want you to know that you are a very talented writer. Thank you for being YOU!


      2. Unfriend someone for being honest? You must be kidding! I don’t sweat small stuff. Besides, I don’t see any reason why I should I do that. For my part you did not say anything wrong. You just exercising freedom of speech in a respectful manner and I’m all for that. Everyone’s opinion is welcome as long as it’s done in a tasteful way. No offense taken.

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  3. I told you that, you are a Gem… A Precious one 🙂 You deserve all this, my dear ❤ Your journey has just started… Looking forward to see more of your success post like this one 🙂 I'm glad I met a beautiful person like you.. Hugs and Kisses :-*
    Wish you all my Best Wishes 🙂


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