Wishful thinking

I will fall in love someday.

I will find the one who can make my body sings my heart melts and my spirit soar. I will feel like a woman once again like I used to, I shall smile run shout sing and dance in the rain with so much abandon. There will be sunshine, long glorious days, passionate nights and tender evenings. There will be endless caresses tight lingering hugs sweet murmured and hot kisses. I will dream the lovers dreams wake up contented go through my chores with springs on my feet knowing someone is there for me loving knowing understanding sharing the same feelings. Together we will explore what life got to offer discovering testing proving tempting the fate supporting each other all the way learning experiencing enjoying the roller coaster ride. He will be my rock my anchor my friend my saviour someone I could trust learn depend and lean on. He will be my lover my teacher my mentor.

He will be my home…


18 thoughts on “Wishful thinking”

  1. My personal belief is that… we all have the other part of our heart or soul mate, out there somewhere… we just don’t know where and when, the meeting of both will take place… so dream on and keep your spirit high, as some old Irish would say so, Cheers from Ireland, Swav.


    1. Ireland… One of my dream destinations along with NZ. Love to hike those green, green mountains, explore valleys and hills and get acquainted with everything including people and culture. Ireland is magic.
      Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll keep that in mind.


      1. That’s great… Let me know in advance, so we’ll be able to have a chat and coffee as two bloggers from different parts of the world 🙂 If you want of course… Cheers


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