Once in our lifetime, we came across people who tip the scale and restore our faith in humanity. Such individuals provide the necessary balance in our lives and keep us from going overboard. They make us believe, they give us hope; and believing in something is crucial to our existence or otherwise where we will be?

I am trying to be one of those people, the ones that make some difference wherever they go no matter how little or big it might be.

I can tell you it is not always a walk in the park. Sometimes, the very cause you are crusading for can turn against you and spit on your very face. In moments like these, what I do is swallow hard, shake my head shrug my shoulders, charge it to experience and say to myself: God give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

And then move on, staying on track, keeping eyes on the goal and trying not to be discouraged…


4 thoughts on “Choices”

  1. Just living your life without harming others is enough to make a difference, in my view. No crusades need to be won. Nothing spectacular. Just be the kind of person that safe people feel safe to be around.


  2. Thank you I needed that reminder tonight. “Sometimes, the very cause you are crusading for can turn against you and spit on your very face.” was my reality at work this week. I did the right thing and will continue to be my shiny self in spite of the circumstances.


    1. That’s the spirit 🙂 Hang in there. When things like that happen, I tell myself: I am only responsible for my words and actions, not for other people’s conduct/their judgment don’t define the person that I am/I don’t have a problem with them, they have a problem with me so, they are the ones who have to fix it.


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