I used to earn pocket money in high school by writing poems for whoever was willing to pay for the favour. I lost counts of love poems and letters I composed to strange girls I have never laid eyes on. But somehow along the way, I lost in touch with a poet in me. I concentrate mainly on writing true to life stories and my thoughts in general.

The last time I wrote a poem was twenty or so years ago. I was enamoured with my professor in languages and one crazy day during lunch break, I composed a versified letter to him pouring my heart out.

Here it is… and please don’t laugh.


You’re always on my mind no matter what I do
And wherever I am my thoughts are just for you
I see you in my dreams and when I wake up too
This feeling that I have is simply would not go
I know it’s wrong for me to feel the way I feel
But no matter how hard I try I can’t forget you dear
It’s getting difficult each night and everyday
Oh, darling you’re so near and yet so far away
I can only watch you honey from a distance
And only in my dreams that I can hold your hands
Only in fantasy I can be in your arms
I can only touch you and kiss you in my mind
On how to win your heart I haven’t got a clue
Because you’re not aware of my feelings for you
How much that I wanted I cannot let you know
I’m not free anymore to reach out and tell so
So, you will always be just a far away dream
Someone that can’t be mine someone I can’t be near
But darling in my heart for now and forever
I promise for always you have a place in there…


42 thoughts on “You”

    1. People tend to be resourceful when lacking. Though that was not my intention at first. Someone offered me a compensation if I compose him a letter to a girl from another school. I declined several times, but he was persistent and said he will pay for the favor. The word spread, ball got rolling and the rest is history. Thanks for reading.


  1. Well you cant help what you feel. Luckily you had a way to express it even if it was for yourself. I too use to write for other folks too! you might make me dig in the crates to find the one that still holds me today. Great post.


  2. This kind of remind me of the poems my friends and I made in high school where we passed around a notebook and wrote a stanza about what the other wrote. It ended up being quite funny as the last person who writes (my best friend) puts in a joke or two. 🙂 But this is beautiful. 🙂


      1. Yes, and the questions abt what is love, what is your motto in life and all the answers of love is blind or love is a rosary because it’s full of mysteries…omg those were embarrasing.


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