By hand

I always keep a journal and a separate notebook under my pillow since most of my ideas for writing come in the middle of the night when I cannot sleep. I write prayers and wishes as well the old ways and put them in my prayer book. I wrote books that never seen by other eyes other than mine and it was written all by hand, keep safely away in the closet inside a shoe box. I am planning to re-do them one of these days but the thought of copying hundreds of pages in my computer documents is kind of daunting I must admit. So, yes, I am an old school I guess and I am afraid I will never get rid of the habit. It is part of me.


15 thoughts on “By hand”

  1. I keep a journal, too. And let me just say, I want to make absolutely sure all my journals are cremated with me when I’m dead. If anyone read them, I would die (again).


    1. My father cremated my first journal. My mother whispered in his ear that I had one. Together they hunted for it and when they found my hello kitty rainbow pages diary which I bought from my savings money from babysitting every summer, they fed it to the fire.


  2. …bebong….and by the way, am I right/write? bebong is cartoon art? Regardless, please copy maybe one of your stories a week? Or a month? Here is one person wanting to enjoy more of your writing! It’s not old-school, especially, it’s you-school, which is more valuable than a time frame or style. I’m pretty sure of that.

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    1. Bebong is what nearest and dearest call me since time immemorial. I don’t know about the cartoon I might check it out, out of curiosity 🙂 Thanks for the uplifting comment and I’ll see what I can do. people like you are my inspiration. take care.


  3. What an amazing idea! I think I may start doing this as I have the same problem, ideas come to me just as I’m drifting off to sleep! It’s funny that I’ve never thought about doing this.


      1. My dreams I can remember but when it comes to coming up with sentences and poems I can never seem to remember them in the I am only young I wish I could remember such things


      2. I know the feeling. Since we are the authors we can re-create the ideas that we forget to write but it is not the same anymore the second time. The spontaneity is somehow gone, the flow is different and not as smooth.


      3. Exactly how I feel! Even if you choose similar wording the tone of the piece vanishes and it is sad to see that happen especially if I’m exited about the piece!


  4. I can relate with you, my dear. Because for me also, my dear ideas come to me at night and that’s the reason I become a night owl 😉 And for that I have to keep a journal beside my bed with the present reading book 🙂


      1. Exactly!! You know after penning it down I feel so much of a relief. I don’t keep any in the toilet for now 😛


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