Horse and Carriage

Love is rarely pure and never simple.

When I think of marriage I think of a room, where you cannot open a window for there is no window. Every morning you open up your eyes and the room is small, you can’t move, you cannot take a breath you have to get out. You cannot think of anything else, or anyone else.

Marital bliss is a great burden to place on two people. Sometimes, a third person is needed to lighten the load.

(A good woman)


8 thoughts on “Horse and Carriage”

  1. Those images are gorgeous, that opening statement is powerful and complex. Marriage…that’s definitely depends on the third eyes thought on the situation. I receive this as marriages can be tough, I wonder if anyone these days are even ready for that type of shadow.


    1. If I see old people walking hand in hand I think to myself: There goes another dying tradition. Staying together seem not anymore the fashion these days, especially now that there are so many choices and alternatives with just one click of the mouse.


  2. I’ve been married over 22 years now. It hasn’t always been easy, and perhaps long relationships or monogamy isn’t for everyone. But there are rewards deep and subtle if you can usually enjoy the person you’re with. I wouldn’t describe this as a great burden. But achieving marital bliss can be a challenge, and a challenge only achievable when you’re with a compatible person.


      1. Sorry for the bad experiences it seems you’ve had. A relationship alone is no relationship at all.


      2. I was young and starry eyed. I thought marriage was guarantee for forever. I believed in for better or for worse and till do us part. It took me 20 years to know better. What a waste of time!

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