Leafing through a magazine, I saw an interesting article. This is the paragraph that caught my attention:

“I have an entire wardrobe of I am planning to lose weight. I have had this wardrobe for years and I continue to add to it. I am building a wardrobe for a life I do not have and will probably never have. For a theoretical life that does not really matter because nobody is telling me that if I do not lose weight, I will not be loved.”

At first, I found this revelation hilarious. Maybe because it is somewhat recognizable even though I don’t reach (thank you Lord) that state yet and still fit in most of my clothes from 25 years ago (yes I keep clothes that long- fashion recycles itself, no?) but on second thought when the message really sinks its claws into my understanding I begun to realize that sooner or later we are going to get there (I know I held the time at bay for the longest period without really trying but lately…) whether we like it or not.

Either it is about weight, gravity winning or something else, time is everybody’s nemesis and deep down inside, if we are being honest to ourselves, we can all hear that little voice inside our heads telling us what we fear the most; that we are not going to be loved if we don’t look like a certain way…


images: rockgem and smth_fresh

7 thoughts on “Perfection”

    1. My, my… you’re so perceptive. I like that. You’re right. This one is just an introduction to a draft I’ve been planning to write when time allows. If_ I will let you know. Thanks for the encouragement. Appreciate it much.

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  1. Ahh yes! Thus my desire to encourage people (especially women) to leave the slavery of the status quo and get FREE2just be their genuine self, for we are ALL beautiful.


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