C’est la vie

The rain… it does wet everything it catches in the open especially those who are unprepared and trusting…

And the wind manipulates those light objects lying dormant; toss around without direction, just being carried by its whim. A pitiful sight but c’est la vie…


7 thoughts on “C’est la vie”

  1. Oh I love this photo it looks like a famous painting except it’s a photo I can’t think of the one with a red umbrella do you know the one? I am trying to work out how you took this as in where you were etc? Xx


    1. I can’t take credit for the photo. Someone gave it to me via mail and when I asked the person where it come from he said he also get it from one of his friends.

      There are so many paintings with red umbrella especially in oil. All of them beautiful.

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