Can’t sleep again. Thinking of Edgar Allan Poe. I love hearing Vincent Price narrating his works. Sometimes I wish that someone would bash me in the head so I lost consciousness. If I’m lucky I would die  and I don’t even have to answer to that when judgment time comes. If ever. If I am luckier still I will pass to nothingness without so much ado. That would be the ideal scenario. But no, I am here typing nonsensical ramblings. I commented somewhere that I am an OCD with a hint of ADHD, someone had liked it and I thought: what is there to like?

Reminds me of those statuses in facebook  where some people would say: my mother died today, or my cat or I don’t feel good I’m sick and lots of people like it makes you think of what’s going on in the minds of those people, are the lights out up there, Probably so or otherwise they would think before hitting the like button. But who still thinks lately, not so many people anymore I guess. Too little time too many things to do places to go statuses to like whatever.

What’s happening around in general makes me question the authenticity of everything including feelings. Do we really feel what we feel or we just think we do? Do we really like what we like or we’re doing it for the sake of God knows what. I think I have to bash myself in the head. If it does not make me sleep at least there is a chance that the act could rearrange the wiring in my brain so, I don’t have to think these wonderful thoughts I’m always having. That way I could probably sleep like normal people do…


14 thoughts on “Argh!”

  1. I kniw what you nean about likes but maybe its an acknowledgenent rather than an actual like irs just the word attribited to the button. Those thoughts = crestive mind i think 🙂 i hope you got to skeep x


      1. ooh thank you i thought it time for a colourful update lol, that one was just under a year old..coughs..oh ps I nominated you today on the black and white post that was posted today, not sure if you saw it 🙂


      2. If I’m going to do the challenge It would be after new year because holidays are always tricky time to go negotiate. Thanks for the nomination. May I add that you are a woman with so many facets.


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