More than words

Conveying emotions through objects. Telling someone how much the person means to you, illustrating your feelings without words, with things that are significant to both of you because they speak of private language, of love and affection, we all have done that; some more than the others. Often I heard people (mostly women) complaining about partners who can only show appreciation by giving material things and I thought: be thankful instead, something is still better than nothing. Maybe some are better in expressing their feelings through words and actions and some are simply the opposite. Which reminds me of what my daughter had said a long time ago and I quote: ” Mama, you cannot expect from Papa something he is not capable to give.”  

Anyway, there is nothing wrong in showing love and appreciation through materials things once in a while as long as they are not given as replacement for the real thing.

Here is my list of five objects I occasionally present to him to say thank you for being there…  

  • Chocolates from Neuhaus – Because they are his most favourite sweets. He loves to savour it with his green teas. I can see  how much he enjoys them, biting little pieces one at a time, nibbling with his eyes closed. The way his face lights up every time he opens the box tells all.
  • Books and videos concerning Stephen Hawking – The hero of his life, the person he admires the most.
  •  Guust Flater Comic books and figurines – He collects them since time immemorial.
  • Assortment of his favourite green teas. The real ones imported from Japan. There is only two stores in the whole country that sell those. None of them close by. 

I think that pretty sum up the list of things I can make him happy with. I really do believe that for him, heaven is made of those…