Just once I would like to experience how it is to live a fairy tale existence. Meaning: been born study have a career buy a house marry and have children. Yes, in that order. I know this life really exists because I know people who are leading this kind of existence. In fact, I am living with someone who has it all. He is loved by (almost) everyone. He never struggled for anything. He has been handed a life on a silver platter with all the trimmings included; never experienced hardship, no known enemies and all that jazz and glory.

But he said he misses:


The wisdom brought by hardship

The instinct to survive outside his castle

The kind of friendship that only people who have suffered the same fate could share

The true freedom known only to gypsies

The guts to make important decision when it matters the most

The love tested by trials obstacles and hindrances

And that sweet feeling of finally achieving what you have dreamed and worked for all your life.

Well… I said I wanted to experience. Once.

But I’m not willing to trade places. Indefinitely.


19 thoughts on “Wishes”

  1. I think very very few people ‘have it all’, whatever that means, and clearly your hubby doesn’t.
    Dreams seem to have a habit of derailing somewhere along the way. Mine certainly did.
    I’m setting my sights a lot lower these days. Just to ‘be happy’ is enough, or would be!


    1. I think most of the time “having it all ” is only a matter of perception. We seem always to want something we don’t have or cannot have. I’m not even shooting for happiness these days. Contentment would be enough. Even that is pretty relative depending on who is wanting. In other people’s point of view I am lucky because I turned out alright. I agree up to a certain degree but sometimes I cannot help thinking out loud.

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  2. That’s quite a post. Having suffered from chronic pain so long I wouod yearn for just a day free of it to live someone else’s life. You highlight so beautifully how other people who seem to have it all still have desires and wishes that are valid and see things so differently. The human mind is an awesome thing x


    1. I’m with you in the same boat about chronic pain. My greatest wish is to experience a day without pain (though I almost never talk about it in my blog because like I said before, it is not design for my whining about my condition) 🙂

      I find talking to people to have second opinion and to know their sides of the story is most helpful to draw conclusion about things in general. As you probably know things are often not what they seem.

      about human minds… a more complex labyrinth I think doesn’t exists.

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      1. Having an online blog is more satisfying than having a bedside journal for the reason you have just mentioned. We find like minded people. Of course every coin has a flip side as I found out yesterday when with the pain in my heart I had no choice but to block someone because seem the person’s mind is set to rain insult on me every possible occasion.

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      2. oh my that is terrible to hear, luckily I have not experirenced that but I know I would find it hard not to take to heart, but you musn’t, I just don’t know why people do that kind of thing, very upsetting xxx


      3. I was expecting it. It happened to me before somewhere. I guess when someone is writing from the heart and baring oneself, all the expose skin is too tempting for some people to let pass. Others are fond of dissecting words I had said and use them against me. It’s hard but I cannot and will not edit my thoughts to cater to their pathetic attempts. I will not let them win.


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