It’s ten minutes DP free writing time again… 

How you look like when you are being honest with yourself?

I supposed to initiate the conversation (if there will be any) by describing myself starting with my physical appearance.  But_ I’m not going to do that. Why? Because (to me at least) I always look the same.

Good mood, bad mood, early in the morning late at night sick angry sad or elated, I always look like me. Only the facial expression changes but the same eyes nose and lips nonetheless.

The plain truth is I’m lazy when it comes to grooming; I always take the easiest way to present myself with minimum of fuss. The best part of dressing up is when you take it off again to slip into something much more comfortable. Believe you me, if I can go everywhere outside naked without the obvious consequences, I will.

I guess I’m stuck in a time warp of forever casual and looking like a dress down preppy with occasional injection of whatever catches my fancy from boho-chic to sporty. I am the kind of person who wear pyjama while hiking and roam Avignon in my night dress; but all in all, I prefer men’s outfits and I envy their freedom. God, they can even walk half-naked and nobody complains.

How I describe myself inside? Well… I am not fond of explaining myself. I reckon people will find out soon if they managed to come close enough to talk to me. How they see me is never been my concern anyway. Take it or leave it; either way is fine with me…

Oh, I forgot to add that I have a hair cut once a year and only if I accidentally give myself a bad one and can’t correct it on my own.

I rarely put make up on and never colour my nails. I cut them short too.

In other words, I’m very low maintenance as low maintenance as could be.

How about you? How you look like? 


20 thoughts on “Ramblings”

      1. Yes, I can imagine. And you saw a red car speeding away to hospital the other day 😉
        And why did you misinterpret my educated guess?! I wasn’t thinking what you thought!! :p


  1. Enjoyed your post. I, on the other hand, am a 67-year-old professional working with people that I don’t want to scare, so I glam it up a little bit. But I’ve always enjoyed dressing up and find it no problem to be comfortable in dressier clothes. To each his own 🙂


    1. I understand that because once in a while (like twice or three times a year) I have no choice but to attend corporate dinner with hubby, meeting with potential clients and here and there some presentation. But as a freelance working from home thank God I don’t have to do it often!

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