Which do you find more dangerous: wanting nothing, or wanting everything?

I find them equally disturbing. The latter reminds me of all dictators past and present, of kings and queens and almost everything and everyone connected to the words: power, money, greed and wars.

Wanting nothing is also not a good thing. When I read it, immediately I think of suicide, depression, giving up, disinterest and exhaustion. But then again, I heard so many people said I want nothing but meaning exactly the opposite. They are just saying that because they didn’t get what they originally wanted and feeling vindictive and wronged. Sulking also come to mind.

In any way, to me they are both desperate acts. I cannot think of any positive outcome of wanting everything and nothing. Moderation is the key. I saw a documentary once about a tribe in amazon jungle living by the rule of taking only what they need from Mother Nature; nothing more nothing less.  Isn’t that a wonderful motto to live by? Excess is the disease of any society. This problem is omnipresent and unavoidable and I do understand but it doesn’t mean I approved. Acquiring only what we need with occasional exception is the best. Hoarding is what happened to all of us. Somehow along the way, we accumulate a lot of excess. I have been  there, done that learned my lessons and now trying to live minimalist. Hurrah for clean living. 


DPchallege: All Or Nothing 

2 thoughts on “Dangerous”

  1. To dream is to aspire. To aspire is to keep walking. The extremes of this can be problematic as if we follow solely our dreams, then the realism of a situation may be lost. Disappointment can then be beckoned. To remain self-aware and true to ourselves, balanced even, allows us to see the truth and follow our journey with our eyes full of purposeful clarity 🙂


    1. I could not say it any better.
      Like I said before, follow your heart but take your brain with you. That is the only way we can be sure that we’re following the right track.
      Thanks for being here sharing with us your wonderful insight. Do come again sometimes.

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