One at a time

Wow! This is hard, DP challenge wants us to write a story using one-syllable words only. But hard is what I like (who doesn’t?) and crave so, I’ll give it a try. Ready? Here we go…

I thought that falling in love with a friend is a just fairy tale. The thought of waking up one day and found out that you have fallen for a person you have known for years seemed strange to me. I think that either you are dazzled by him at first sight or not. You would not all of a sudden have some kind of “feelings” towards a person who doesn’t “attract” you in the first place. This I believed all my life till I met Don.

I have known him for more than eight years and never had a single talk with him aside from the usual hi and hello. I never saw him as the one. He’s not my type. I never noticed him in fact.

Then fate brought us closer and I found out what a fine person he is. I well-nigh fall for the guy. If the case had been not what it was… given the right amount of time… it could have been magic. But__ it could be also that I was just sad at that time and want some care and warmth, I don’t know…  

He is married now and has kids. Prior to his union, he tried to change my mind about us but no can do. Too heavy a load to carry, too tough to make it happen in real life. A risk I am not so keen to take…

 How did I do? I hope I did some justice to the challenge 🙂


16 thoughts on “One at a time”

  1. Seems like this story is about “the one that got away” which is fine. I just couldn’t help noticing all the multiple-syllable words. ? ? ? 🙂


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