Mirror, mirror on the wall…

… do I have to dye my fur???

Lately, I noticed that white hairs starting to appear more and more on my head and somewhere else; more somewhere else than on my head. I saw that up there, common place is around my face; down there it’s usually around the… lips.

It’s so embarrassing when you’re doing… it. Especially when someone wants the lights on per se and… uhm… wants to eat. If I cannot find an excuse to dim the light, I usually ask if the person in question could please remove the eyeglasses hoping he’s farsighted.

Another trick is to urge him to look at me while doing it pretending the deed excites me but if the truth is to be told, it’s the other way around I think.  Ahhh… what a woman would do for peace.

Anyway, I never dyed my hair (except that one time in Spain when I had so many sangria and ended up with ten red tresses all around my face I looked like unchancy princess of darkness) and I don’t want to start doing it now. I’m a low maintenance girl. Go to the coiffure once a year; never wear nail polish, perfume, sun block or high heels. Make up is a big no – no unless I really, really have to. And my skin is so sensitive I easily get allergy I don’t even use deodorant for heaven’s sake!

But I worry about my tresses… having younger looking face but when you drop the knickers… it shows my true age. It’s like believing someone you go to bed is a real blond and finds out the next morning that either she is a brunette or a red head. How embarrassing is that?

And since we’re at it… is there anyone here who knows a good remedy for persistent dandruff? (I said dandruff not yeast) I tried almost everything to no avail. Help!!!   


6 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall…”

  1. I freaked out when I discovered (uncovered) gray hair in funky places. What happened?! I was just 20! No remedy there, I’m afraid, except perhaps a good performance 😉


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