There was a Cherry Tree in my garden before.  In spring, it was covered with fluffy pink blossoms that dance happily in the breeze. They say Sakura is an omen of good fortune and an emblem for love and affection. It embodies spring like no other tree. It flowers might be short-lived but they remind us of a fleeting nature of life.

I loved to lie beneath the gentle shower of pink petals floating softly to the ground. Sakura is my namesake. Pity that the tree is no longer there. A violent storm ripped it off from the ground… But it will be forever in my memory, all the times I spent reading books under it will not be forgotten. I have pictures to remind me of those happy moments…


21 thoughts on “Sakura”

  1. I live in the desert, so any blooming tree is beautiful to me. One of my bucket list items is to go to DC during the Cherry Tree blossoming in the spring. I have heard it is devastatingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pics! I love to see all of that green.


    1. I was looking for a photo of the entire tree but I don’t know anymore where in my archives I filed it. I have this two pictures because before we moved last year I put them together with my documents. I am planning to use the one I was lying down for header image this coming spring.

      Being born and bred in a tropical country, I cannot imagine living in the desert. Anything but the desert. How come you ended up there?

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      1. I was born here. The desert is more of a “stark beauty”. The sunsets here are spectacular, and the weather is pretty agreeable. I am hoping once my youngest goes off to college to relocate coastal. We will have to see. Depends on the job market, and all of that fun grown-up stuff.


      2. I saw images of desert rugged beauty in films and pictures and I must admit there is some enticing mysterious quality about it. My son once spent 2 months backpacking through desert in India. I would love to see it in person one day but not to live but to visit.


    1. Apples and Plum trees have almost the same quality of freshness. But I love Cherry Blossoms the best. If I die, I will let my ashes be buried under a baby Sakura, so I can grow to be a beautiful tree and those who love me can converse and hug me and sit under my shadow for comfort and I will shower them with pink velvet petals 🙂

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