…mine is nonexistent. I can be pregnant, gain weight, stand on my head; they stay looking like a twelve year old might have under her shirt.

I remember an ex-boyfriend said to me once to cut half of what down “there” and put it up “here”. I broke up with him right away. The jerk! It took me only three days to get over him.

Sad to say, but he’s not the only one with the same opinion. A friend and neighbour once told me under the influence of one too many beer that I could have been “sexy” if I have a decent bumper. I told her, hers is nothing to write home about either. Good that we were both in drunken stupor or otherwise…

I myself have no real problem with what I’ve got. In fact, I’m thanking my lucky star that mine is next to nothing; at my age and after two children…if I have a huge pair, it could be hanging on my lap by now. I have to confess though that I almost never breastfed. I tried for three months but my milk wasn’t sufficient enough my GP advised me to stop and never do it again.

If I’m being brutally honest, the only thing I have a bit of trouble about are my “tips.” They are very pointy and huge and look as if they are always in cold. It shows even through my brassiere. (I know there are some pads exist for this sort of problem; tried them, no good, never again) I heard it’s a fashion nowadays, pointy nipples… I even saw one episode of Sex and the City where Samantha was wearing fake ones. It was hilarious when she removed and threw them in the middle of the party. 

Another thing is__ I hate brassiere. I have few lying around somewhere, but I rarely use them; only if I really, really have to. They’re uncomfortable and they choke me! Must be something to do with growing up and not owning one for the simplest of reason that I could not afford to buy them that time.  My first training bra was bought by my adviser when I was a freshman. She couldn’t  stand that her leading character in the winning school play would go on stage bra-less.

And I don’t even know why I am writing this aside from I’m suffering (again) from lack of sleep and feeling rebellious that I can’t celebrate my birthday because I have to work.. 



DP Challenge for today asked: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” When was the last time that sentence accurately described your life?

My Life has been a series of ups and downs to the extreme. Here is an example of what I’m talking about. Enjoy.


a myth

I always want to be a man. I envy their double standard and never ending privileges. They can run around half naked be bald be hairy have beer guts be obnoxious loud and still consider sexy. They don’t have to paint their faces wear heels bleed get pregnant risk their lives giving birth nurse infants sucking the very life out of your body have stretch marks drooping breast osteoporosis and PMS.

They grow gray hair they look distinguish. They womanize be unfaithful chase every moving thing have multiple partners mistresses and nine out of ten it is considered as one of their male prowess. Society even invented written global excuses for them like: men are born polygamous. Here is one example I read and lifted up from somewhere…

“If you look back at nature (where our basic instincts come from) the male of most species tries to reproduce with as many females as possible in order to ensure that his genes are being passed on. The female doesn’t have this desire. Whatever kids she has are definitely hers so she tries to find the best possible suitor. That’s the basic thinking of most species about reproduction. Those basic instincts still reside at the base of our subconscious. Being civilized hasn’t completely removed it. That’s why these problems continue to exist. It’s a matter of civilization against basic nature. There could never be a perfect woman who would fix that because that’s not the cause.”

Imagine that! If a woman does the same she will automatically be labelled as a hoe. Men don’t even suffer menopause. Okay there is something called mid-life crisis, but how it manifests when they are concerned? Buying hot cars exchanging their partners for much younger version and live life as if there is no tomorrow. Is that a crisis? Looks like another privilege to me.

I can go on and on about the pluses like higher earning better jobs prominent life long seat in the society and so on which no amount of emancipation could ever alter.

I know, I know, we are in better position today than our grandmothers of yesteryears, but we are not there and will never be. The word equality when it comes to genders is nothing but a myth. There is exception here and there but thinking that someday the scale will tip totally towards our own advantage and things will magically turn 360 degrees is just a wishful thinking. We have to be a man to enjoy such privileges.

This is not meant to be a debate but merely a personal reflection of my own experience and views regarding this matter and I am more than happy to entertain and talk about different opinion from different people. Maybe I could learn a thing or two in the process…