i’m an alien

Most days I’m confused and hysterical I can even hear my brain screaming inside my head though I try my best not to show it. People at work and in the streets probably think I’m a perfect picture of balance, peace, happiness and serenity while the truth is: in my current (self-appointed) alienated position I feel I’m becoming more alien than alienation itself…


8 thoughts on “i’m an alien”

  1. I think many of us wear masks to protect ourselves. Imagine if we all were to show our true selves, what a difference that would make. People would then realize that they are not alone. That others experience the same thing as they do. But instead we hide from the world and ourselves and pretend that we have it all put together. Sometimes I wish that we (including me) would have the courage to show our true selves.


    1. I think the main reason is we have to co-exist with others harmoniously in this society where majority of inhabitants are “normal”. We don’t want to rock the boat too much as not to add more difficulties to our already complicated existence. it’s hard enough to try to fit in_ in order to earn a living or not to attract too much attention to ourselves.

      Imagine someone ask you the standard courtesy “how are you?” and instead of saying: “oh, I’m fine” you start blurting out what really troubling you… I wonder what would happen…


      1. You’re right. Although I don’t think that the majority are normal. I just think that they hide pretend like the rest of us do. But, yes it is best most of the time to stick to our mask and not blurt everything out. What a sad, angry (more than already) world of people we would have if we shared all of our problems. If we are real, I think we’d wish that everyone would be ‘face’ again. 🙂


      2. The reason why I’m introvert aside from being born that way and keeping myself away from the prying eyes of this world is because the majority of people I happened to know are false,hypocrite judgmental and prejudice. Like I said in one of my posts: in this society where falsehood and hypocrisy is higly rewarded you will be punish for being honest.

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  2. At least you are able to maintain enough composure to give that impression to others. My problem is I’m too transparent. Everyone knows when I’m happy, angry, or depressed. I’ve been trying to hide my emotions (particularly the negative ones) especially at work but it’s so damn hard to.


    1. you will learn self-control along the way. you’re still young. the more you get older the better you can handle emotions. i used to be a walking time bomb and i explode with little provocation.

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