Rock bottom

Hitting rock bottom

I don’t know anymore what to do. I prayed, sought guidance, begged forgiveness, asked for help, nothing. I face walls at every turn, box in. If it continues to be like this, I will soon lose my mind. Grand plan? Mysterious ways?  I don’t understand. Things happen for a reason? Sometimes bad things happen to good people? How about justice?  In this society where ‪falsehood and ‪‎hypocrisy are highly rewarded, people get ‎punished for being ‪‎honest? So unfair!

At this moment, I could very well understand what Michael Douglas’ character must have felt in the movie Falling Down. I could see myself doing it one of these days. Nobody cares about quality anymore. Or authenticity. Good taste is equally if not rarer than friendly citizen and in danger of becoming extinct together with the truth. Media are full of seemingly caring individuals preaching about equality, diversity respect and tolerance but where are those in real life? 

Where is care? If one is full of bullshit but can sell it like hotcakes then the person is considered to be successful. Be sociable. Pretend interest, concern, cares whatever; who cares about heartfelt, genuine, real… who cares about the contents… all of those don’t matter these days. Pretension is the key word. And if one can do it like one really means it, then s/he could be popular, sought after, look up to and copied.

There is where it goes wrong. Copying can lead to a society where everyone is a clone of each other. Where is originality? Where is diversity? Where is individuality? Where is patience? Everything has to be quick, fast, and instantaneous. Everyone is in a hurry going in circles. All that matters have to be cramped in one short vacation or during weekends if ever. Or it could wait when we are all in pension…

Patience is when you badly needed something and you are forced to wait because you live in a society where the powers that be know very well your duties but not your rights. Where it is very much okay to hold you from obtaining what are legally yours but it’s not okay to withhold them what they think is legally theirs. You can be in serious troubles doing that. Could cost you a lot too. Where is freaking justice in that?

Fate has a nasty habit of kicking you square in the butt when you’re down. It is not for nothing there is a saying that goes: when it rain it pours. And it is pouring buckets in my corner lately. I am soaking wet and it is not raining men alleluia. It is cold, hard merciless rain; the sort that can give you chronic bronchitis and pneumonia if I don’t have it already.  Could be the case because confusion is one of its symptoms. Maybe I’m rattling because I’m confused.

Anyway, whatever condition I’m in, I hope I will not be tempted to challenge the 6th commandment one of these days…



One thought on “Rock bottom”

  1. Reblogged this on A Refreshing Twist to Practical Coaching and commented:
    Point well made, I can relate to this post. Gone are the days you got personal advice from the shop owner when buying your next “wannahave”. I don’t remember was there actually a time when buying products from the biggest telecom provider meant quality and service not the constant malfunctions failing to record our favourite TV show and a customer service that doesn’t give a damn, they don’t even bother to call back, instead they they might just send you a cryptical 2 word answer if you’re lucky. I’ve heard some financial department works a bit more proactive when it comes to their cashing.

    These things make me furious, but you all know I’m too “professional” to show it. I can reassure you I always inform the powers that be about malfunctions or any other quality issues. Whether it’s a shipment of 1000’s of PC’s marketed as TV’s with wrong screen colours, a lack of testing due to a project lead that rather shoves everything under the carpet or a management that’s not caring about the teams growth. In ideal world nobody would shut up about such things. Everyone will see to it that things work properly. Everyone? Yes, including our freaking government. I’ve heard they seriously miscalculated our defence budget “missed the boat” (yes literally), the runway (Gosh those new transport planes need a runway?) and a whole bunch of other resources required to keep our defence system operational. Our country already became infamous for becoming a close runner up in the world record attempt “forming governments”. In the US they ran into similar issues when it comes to programs like Obama care and their public services. Yet this is the time we should come together and face the climate and economic challenges at hand.

    The days that people would listen to their leaders and accept decisions to be taken for them is over. They want to take part in the decision making process. So how to do that? Don’t give all the power to the few people that want to be leaders, those elected shouldn’t only give a voice to the voters but empower their people. Who knows how to truly empower the people? The charismatic leaders? I believe the leaders who could do this know more about management techniques, servant leadership and how to realize collaboration than their more popular charismatic brothers who often enjoy the spotlight and control a tad too much. We need techniques that show the needs of all. Who has the key to solving the upcoming challenges? I invented such techniques, NEO and Agile Profiling. But you know what? I’m about the least charismatic person you’ll ever meet…


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