Stephen King is my favourite writer, but Edgar Allan Poe is my hero. I don’t think they need any form of introduction. Even if one lives in Hades, one must have heard of them. That’s how good they are. 

Though I am a fan, I never watch films version of SK books except Stand by Me.  But then again I never read the book. Why? Because I saw the film first. Never read a book after you have seen the movie version of it. It will distort your perspective of the latter because no matter what they say, a book is always better than the film. Except in J.R.R. Tolkien’s case.  

Ironically, three of my most cherished books are not written by these two writers.  The reason for this is great they might be, their works don’t resonate with my inner self. They don’t speak of real lives and real feelings and I’m all for real.

If there is a fire, these are the books that I would grab first and carry outside to safety.

Need I say more?


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