Sitting it out

Lately, I have problems  connecting to Daily Prompts and other WordPress Challenges. My pingbacks and links don’t work at all. But I am not the kind of person who gives up easily, so here I am trying again.

How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

Well, I guess it depends upon on the character of the person who is doing the waiting. I am impatient by nature. For example: this whole thing with the links is driving me nuts. So much so that I deleted my posts against the advice of you know who. He said I have to leave at least one article hanging there so the powers that be could check out and determined what had gone wrong. But I was so frustrated I didn’t listen. Sure enough I got an email today from one of the happiness engineers asking if by any chance I have deleted my posts. That’s me. Patience is not one of my virtues.

On the other hand, there are things in life that  we cannot control, patiently and reasonably waiting or not. Circumstances that are not up to us to decide if the waiting have gone long enough and if it would be better to abandon the whole idea altogether. Take for example the fact that we are selling our country house for almost two years now. It is a fantastic place like I mentioned already before in my blog post Money Pit. We lowered the price three times already. The property is now on offer below its monetary value but still, the building is not yet sold. I want so very badly to get rid of it because the place is costing us tons of you know what. How long more do I have to wait? Could I say I waited reasonably long enough and why not just forget the whole thing? Of course not! I can do nothing but wait whether I like it or not…

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Reply To Daily Prompt: Waiting Room

But who’s going to dig the tunnel???

When I was about eleven-twelve years old, I dreamed of having my very own house, and since my taste that time was not yet refined and my knowledge of the world somewhat limited; it will and shall be none other than -a nipa hut. At least that’s how it started. A beautiful cute one bedroom place made of bamboos and grass.

While I was lying down each night pretending sleep so my father will not tan my hide, the blue print of my precious was taking shape in my young mind. There it was, the house, sitting in the middle of a small garden surrounded with gorgeous greener than green plants and multi-coloured flowers. Rare wild orchids (which by the way I hand-picked myself from far away jungles and mountains during one of my so many dangerous adventures and quests) were hanging lusciously in the cozy balcony making love with the wind.

But wait a minute… I’m all alone, I need to protect myself, I’m a girl after all (therefore more prone to danger than boys ha ha) and brittle bamboos and fragile grasses will not do the trick. How about sandwiching bricks between the outer and inner walls? Well, that is seems a good idea. And since I’m at it already, how about reinforce my fort? I am living a dangerous life after all.  Okay… bullet proof windows would be suitable, so nobody could touch me in my sleep. Talking about sleep… how could I know that someone is sneaking at me while I was deep in my slumber? Think! Think! Okay… surveillance cameras! Monitors at the foot of my bed, control panel on the headboard for easy access, done! I could finally sleep.

But wait… what about escape in case of emergency? I bolted upright! I have to design an escape route if it happened to be that my enemies managed to get inside! (or better, before they can get in) A tunnel, (heading out to the sea – I don’t know why the sea! -where my what-ever-means of escape was park ) the entrance hidden under my bed which by the way can flip over to be replace by an identical bed so nobody would notice that I was gone. That would certainly buy me sometime to head somewhere far. Okay, that would do it. I will sleep now, over and out.

But who’s going to dig the tunnel? I could not possibly do it all by myself! And since I’m not an engineer and nowhere near an architect, someone has to design and build it for me. That’s a bit dangerous no? I have to keep it a secret, nobody must know it exists! Or otherwise I will be in great danger! And the only way to keep it hidden is… if I get rid of them all! That’s an excellent idea – if I am a seasoned m-u-r-d-e-r-e-r, but since I’m not and never will be (I hope) I better give up the idea of building my precious.

And that is why (folks) I didn’t end up living in a cute and simple, peaceful nipa hut… (sigh)