I can’t believe it is November already. I still have to get used to 2014 and look; the year is almost over. Time does fly these days. I woke up to a surprisingly crisp, bright morning and thought: What a lovely day! So unusual for this time of the year, when in normal circumstances the weather is characteristically wet and cold.  Thank God for little miracles, though probably it has something to do with global warming than divine intervention but I decided to be positive today. Carpe Diem, seize the day, whatever…

Drinking coffee in my office studying the flow of traffic outside the window I caught myself thinking maybe we have to move again one last time. When we bought this place, I didn’t realized how busy this road could be. Cars I could tolerate, but those big trucks that shake and rattle everything inside every time they pass by, give me major headaches. It’s a freaking residential neighbourhood, beautiful tree lined avenue; how on earth it becomes something that resembles a freeway?  They really have to divert the majority of traffic somewhere or put those whisper concrete surfacing to minimize the amount of noise; reduced the speed limits, introduce road bumps, anything!

Look at that red car there, the driver ought to get speeding ticket the way he burned rubber on the asphalt. He’s lucky no one clipped him when he hastily left their driveway. Moves like that behind the wheel invite accidents. For his own sake, I hope he slows down.

The sounds of the telephone pulled me out of my reverie. An early call? Who could it be? People who are familiar with my habits will not dare to call me as early as this. They know I sleep late and don’t wish to be disturbed before noon. So, this must be some stranger.  I picked up the phone and said:

“Yeah?” I don’t do customary hello, residence of, or any of those standard greetings when answering a call.

“Could you help us?” the voice on the other end asked without preliminaries.

“Who is this?”

“Your neighbor across the street.” I looked outside and saw a young woman waving to me from her front door.

“How Can I help?”

“My father has a heart attack, my brother is driving him to the hospital, I’m with my mother but she’s unwell. I heard you have medical background, can you come over and give us a hand. My sister is hysterical.”

“Okay, I’ll be there shortly.” The brother must be the one with the red car. I hope they reach emergency department in time. I checked myself in the hallway mirror, decided to brush my teeth later, combed my hair with my fingers, straighten my jogging suit and walked out the door. I didn’t even bother to put on the alarm.


Reply To Daily Prompt: Trio No.4 

7 thoughts on “Random”

    1. I have to watch my future posts from now on in case I disappoint 🙂 Hang on there and watch me learn falling and stumbling once in a while tell me about bumps on the road so I can avoid them next time.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love reading anything and everything written by you. That includes your comments. I realised that now after reading your reply. I am no one to suggest about the unevenness in the road that you have created by yourself for yourself!


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