Disclaimer: Totally work of fiction. Any resemblance with reality is absolute mere coincidence and not intended. If anyone decided to sue anyway, be sure you got the patent for whatever you are complaining about.

Dear Bebong,

I’m saying this to you plain and straight as to avoid any misunderstanding that may occur regarding this confession of mine. No coded words, no reading between the lines, just a simple fact. I realized even before I decided to make myself a laughing stock of cyber scene that you can be my downfall. But coming out in the open is the best way to clear all the confusion between us.

I’m in love with you. I have been in love with you even before you begin posting those saucy mutilated pictures of yours and were ignorant of your smiling eyes, luscious lips, elegant neck and inborn beautiful thighs. Even before I hear your true laugh in your video introduction, I am already slave of your confused, impertinent mind. You are my moon over Blogsville, your presence filled my lungs. That you are a bit paranoid and pseudo-intellectual doesn’t bother me. We’re kindred spirit, we‘re of the same mind.

So here I am, opening my unwashed and half naked soul for all to judge. I’m at your mercy. Please be gentle because I’m not only suspicious, I am also touchy.


If dreams are allowed, I’m thinking honeymoon in Casablanca ‘neath the paddles fan in Rick’s candle lit café. And don’t forget, I will go all the way for you girl!!!

 In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,  


It’s nice if this letter really exists. But it doesn’t. I wrote it myself and was inspired by some certain individuals who I happened to believe are harboring some ulterior motives. Of course there is no way I could know if this is all true unless they admit it. On the other hand, there is always a possibility that I am totally off-kilter. Who knows?

Here and there in the body of the letter I scattered some sentences which are part of several offline messages they sent to me therefore recognizable to them but the reader will have no knowledge about. Only they could identify the clues. Though acquainted with one another they have no idea about each other’s part in this story. I know I’m bad. But I don’t like people who are trying to tickle themselves at my expense. I could play the game too.

Man holding playing cards, ace in sleeve

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