Knock, Knock…

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”

(Edgar Allan Poe)

…this time I got a clear view of him!

He was wearing a black and white striped shirt and some light coloured baseball cap.

He even was carrying flowers! White, unknown species of some prairie blooms.

I saw him by the door; the b*stard!

Then, all of a sudden: Wham! Bam! He was by the bed choking me!

I can smell his rotten smell! Feel his protruding stomach, my nails digging into his forearm… the s**t!

Reciting the names of my dear children (I didn’t know why? Just felt I needed to call someone who is important to me) and praying to God; I gathered all my strength and one by one prised his sausage fingers away from my throat, bending them backwards till he howled in pain!

I opened my eyes and he popped out of my sight!

G*ddamn being! Unlike his predecessor, this one is ruthless!

He didn’t do any preliminaries like the others; he just came to do his business.

Bad, bad person! He thinks I’m scared of him?

No way Jose! They have been visiting me for so long I have gotten used to them and their untimely arrivals! Bunch of no good….!

But this was the first time I encountered him though. For years it was always been the same someone who was paying me a call. The one I called Humprey Bogart, the gentleman assassin. Didn’t work out; so, they sent somebody new?

The altered appearance of this visitor maybe designed to scare me. Who knows?

He will come again, that’s for sure. I’m not looking forward to it but hey, what a girl can do?


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