My Precious

“Don’t say that colour is everything. Sometimes the lack of colour speaks the most.”

Will it be wonderful to wake up in a world devoid of colour? Where everyone has the same skin tone? Then probably equality would become a reality, peace will not be some kind of a far-off dream and we can finally live in a harmonious society where power is not the main motivation for every action taken. But that would be very unlikely to happen so, let’s talk about the challenge for today instead…

If I will be given an option to have just one object keeps its original hue that would be my mushroom lamp. Someone gave it me so I can sleep better. I have Scotophobia and cannot sleep without light, but harsh glare gives me migraine; my mushroom lamp is perfect, it makes me feel safe without being intrusive, I can’t imagine a night without my trusted companion…

Here it is: red, cute and playful. My precious…


Reply To Daily Prompt: Local Color

17 thoughts on “My Precious”

      1. I have an old print of the Guardian Angel that I found in a closet in an old farmhouse in Mancos, Colorado. It is a large print. Right after I found it I got pregnant with my daughter.


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