If I would be in costume this Hallows’ Eve, it will look something like this…


I will wait for the children to come to my door asking treat-or-trick. Before I hand them apples and candies, I will tell them scary stories first (I have tons of those courtesy of my mother) like about Aswang  and Manananggal and so on… by the end of the evening I will have a bunch of angry parents at my doorsteps demanding I will be burned alive at the stake for practicing witchcraft. They will tie me to a post and light the pile of wood under my feet but before the fire can consume me, I will magically disappear in a puff of smoke, laughing…

How’s that? 

Reply To daily Prompt: Mask Off

9 thoughts on “Halloween”

      1. That one was just a spur of the moment fun kind of thing, not really a real challenge. Since we only have one challenge a week, maybe, members can come up with little fun things for anyone who wants to participate. As long as that is okay with the other Adminstrators.


      2. what a great idea. maybe you have to introduce it formally. i will exempt myself for devising one for obvious reasons. my mind tend to go to places which are not suitable for majority of readers, but i would love to participate.

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  1. Ahh I didn’t realize you’re a Filipina! Greetings from the Philippines. Filipino folklore is very imaginative. It sucks that they’re not too relevant anymore especially in the urban areas.


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