This would be the photo cover of my memoirs or autobiography book. I find that the image speaks volumes…


Or it could be a cover for  a travel book  as well. Written by me of course, recounting my experiences travelling across the country…  

Reply To Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

21 thoughts on “Pieces”

  1. For the past hour, I have been having trouble with this cover art prompt. I have tons n tons of piks and I could not decide on a cover because I wasn’t sure what’s the message i am trying to convey. But now i am thinking how can i say ishkishmish in a pik n i think i might have an answer.


      1. Yea, it’s worth a try! I was working on changing my theme so I started by changing little things. Picking a theme is one of the most annoying tasks as none of them meet all my needs.


      2. you must have quite a list then. i see that you set your page on private. is this a temporary thing or…
        i tried several themes before i settle for this one and i don’t think that i will change it anytime soon.


      3. yea, it’s private until I have made all the changes I want to make. I was previously on Bushwick which I really really like because of the huge image and posts right beside it but the hidden sidebar is a lil’ problematic. But I am seeing that the newer themes are hiding more and more


      4. last week i tried penscratch theme and i like it enough except for the gray text on white background they are using. it hurts the eyes. and they have only one sidebar which is not enough for me.

        good luck finding the theme that suits your needs.


      5. yea, i narrowed it down to a few and tested all. Unfortunately, all had something that I didn’t like so I just settled with one. Can’t think anymore *yawns*


  2. She makes me feel sad. She is cute, but also, has haunted eyes. Abandoned, small, and looking helplessly lost. Very powerful imagery, I’d say. Good eye!


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