When it comes to a good conversation, what’s the ideal number of people?

I say… it depends.  It depends on who are those people and what is the situation. It depends on the mood and what a person’s need at that moment. Sometimes, talking to one’s self is enough; no arguments, no breaking of the flow, no social skills needed.

Talking to a good friend who understands you well could be rewarding. A family member could offer unconditional understanding and support. But then again, a stranger could provide an unbiased point of view. It all depends.

Talking to a group if it suits the purpose can be liberating especially when it answers your aspiration and achieves your goal. It could mean also fun and adventure, if that’s what someone is looking for.

An intimate or romantic tête-à-tête can nourish one’s soul and feed the desire. Conversation with a loved one can lead to so many different satisfying outcomes.

So, I say… it all depends.


Reply To Daily Prompt: Counting Voices

6 thoughts on “Depends”

  1. It depends. You have explained everything very straightforwardly. It depends on the person and what kind of a response they seek for the advice.
    Check out my blog too? Thanks


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