fortune cookie

So there I was, sitting, trying to be comfortable in the smallest space I have ever encountered in a coach class, fiddling with the air conditioner above my head which by the way didn’t work properly it was blowing arctic wind and there was no way to turn it off, when they decided it was the time to eat.

The food was nothing to write home about (I know that the quality of airlines meals are not that great; but this one surpassed everything I’d known) and the amount so little, even for a small eater like me.

After the food, an airline attendant gave me a FORTUNE COOKIE. I noticed that I had one already on my tray, so I refused it. But NO SIR! He kept insisting. The conversation went like this:

‘Ma’am, here is your fortune cookie.’ He said while flashing his chiclets set of teeth. They were so perfect I doubt if they are real. 

‘No, thank you but I have mine already.’ I said trying to hide my annoyance.

‘No ma’am. This one is yours.’ Flashes of white teeth again.

‘Look, here is mine. I have it.’ Me showing the COOKIE.

‘Read it ma’am, and you will see that it’s yours.’

To end the ridiculous conversation, I accepted the said FORTUNE COOKIE.

I found out that it was already open. When I took the small paper inside, it says: ‘ YOU HAVE SEX APPEAL AND SOME PEOPLE ARE SENSITIVE TO IT’

I didn’t know what to think. I asked myself: how many FORTUNE COOKIES he had to open to find the proper one TO HIT ON ME?

That was not the end of it though. In the course of the flight, he offered to take me sight-seeing in some city where we had to stop-over to fuel and tried to persuade me to stay a few days there so we can get to know each other better. He had given me his home address and his cell phone number as well.

I could have done few things, Like:


I find it a waste of my time. I will never see him again because I’m not going to fly with that airline company ever again! Besides, that route will be long and painful process.


I hate scandal and making scenes. Ignoring him says enough.


But it’s not me. One night stand will never be my thing. NOT EVEN WITH A TALL, BLOND, BLUE-EYED with uniformed, white, flashing teeth. Besides, I AM NOT INTO BLOND.

So, in the end I just said: Tempting, but can he please let me rest because I am not really into sight-seeing. He looked disappointed but I guess it had something to do with his wounded ego than anything else.  

The FORTUNE COOKIE (paper) I keep though. Just to remind me of…


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